Granola-topped winter citrus salad

Granola-topped winter citrus salad

The deep winter period of late January through February is always difficult. One small silver lining during these cold months is the abundance of citrus fruit, shimmering like sunshine from their grocery bins. 

There are a lot of citrus salad recipes out there and I reckon most could be improved with granola sprinkled on top. The version pictured is a combination of grapefruit, blood orange, and navel orange atop radicchio and endive. The sweet and spicy flavors of our Get Gingersnapping granola are a welcome compliment to the tart citrus and bitter chicory greens. 

Like I said, there's no prescriptive recipe here: just toss some granola on your citrus salad for a variety of textures and an exciting pop of flavor. Or add A LOT of granola and a dollop of yogurt and call it a breakfast salad!

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