Chia pudding, revamped

Chia pudding, revamped

I went through a serious chia pudding phase for a while. I'd let those tiny seeds hang out all night in an old jam jar with macadamia milk (my favorite non-dairy option), a splash of vanilla extract, and a dash of salt. Sometimes I'd throw in some currants for extra sweetness. 

The one very minor annoyance with this ready-to-eat breakfast was having to dump it, in all its gloopy-ness, into a bowl before adding fresh fruit and granola on top. Why? Because if you add the toppings to the jarred chia pudding, it's hard to mix without spilling! You end up eating all the "fun stuff" first and are left with nothing but pudding toward the end. 

You can probably tell where I'm going with this based on the photo. The solution is simple: tilt your jar and shimmy that pudding on the bias before adding your toppings. Now each bite has a little of everything! 

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