About the Lab

Granola Lab is a small-batch granola company based in Brooklyn.

Our unique inventions are all-natural, preservative-free, and include many organic ingredients. Never too sweet, Granola Lab varieties are bold, super flavorful, and full of healthy nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Each flavor is a perfect topping for yogurt, applesauce, fresh fruit, ice cream and more. At Granola Lab, we’re inventing a better breakfast!

Our varieties: 

  • Activation Energy – Coffee, dark chocolate & hazelnuts
  • Cranberry Cashew Compound – Cranberries, cashews & cloves
  • Elemental Formula – Maple syrup, pecans & orange
  • Get Gingernsapping – Candied ginger, molasses & allspice
  • Mediterranean Mix – Sesame, almonds, pistachios & cardamom
  • Tropical Utopium – Pineapple, papaya & toasted coconut


Building the Lab – a message from Lab founder Alex Crosier

I founded Granola Lab in March of 2010 to bring my unique, creative twists to a beloved pantry staple. I’m a librarian by trade—not a food biz professional!—but my homemade granola kept garnering the highest praise from friends and family. I already wanted to start my own business...suddenly granola seemed like the perfect fit! Over 10 years later, I’m pleased to be sharing my irresistible concoctions with hungry customers across the United States. After many years of moving between different commissary kitchens and sublet situations, Granola Lab has settled into our own, dedicated space at the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal. We love our sun-soaked, airy headquarters!