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Granola Lab Variety Crate (3 pack)


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Looking to give something to your favorite granola fiend? This snazzy crate filled with a variety of granola is perfect! The crate, made from a light-weight wood and hand-stenciled on the ends with the Granola Lab logo, can be repurposed in so many ways. Use it to store your spices, vitamins, a bottle of vino...all kinds of stuff.

The flavors included are up to YOU. Please select three varieties from the menu. Your options:

Activation Energy -- coffee, dark chocolate & hazelnuts
Cranberry Cashew Compound -- cranberries, cashews & cloves
Elemental Formula -- maple, pecans & orange
Get Gingersnapping -- candied ginger, molasses & allspice
Mediterranean Mix -- sesame, almond, pistachios & figs

Consult our listings of individual flavors for further descriptions, including full ingredients lists.
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