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Original recipe in Women's Health Mag!

What does Granola Lab have in common with Christina Aguilera? We're both in the March 2016 edition of Women's Health Magazine! The brilliant team behind the book Made in Brooklyn hooked us up with the magazine for this cleverly constructed one-page spread. Dare I say, the Brooklyn Bridge never looked so good!

We contributed an original recipe especially for the piece. It's easy to make and loaded with our favorite (super)seeds: chia, hemp, and flax.

The beauty of making your own granola is that you can customize to your taste. Throw in some chocolate chips for a treat, or dial back on the honey to keep the sugar level down. But if you're too busy, not into baking, or just prefer your favorite Granola Lab flavor, we're here for you, always.

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Greenpointers Holiday Market hits 12/6!

Holiday markets are always fun, but we're particularly enthused for Sunday's Greenpointers Holiday Market. Why? Hungarian mulled wine! The NYC-based Hungarian wine importer, Palinkerie, will be on hand to serve up this wintry treat and I, Lab founder Alex, am half Hungarian and ready to devour the food and drink of my mother's homeland at the drop of a hat. 

Come get festive with us on Sunday, December 6 from 1-7 pm. We'll have granola gifts galore, including these cute mason jars. 

It's all happening at 67 West St on the 5th floor. Over 60 vendors!

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Peapod will bring Granola Lab to your door!

We're very excited to announce that Peapod has added Granola Lab to its offerings! If you're a Peapod customer in New York or New Jersey, you can drop our granola into your cart for home delivery. Easy! Peapod is Stop & Shop's delivery arm. They've been trucking groceries to homes in Illinois since 1989 and now serve customers all over the country. Peapod is a pioneer: it was the very first company to feature online grocery ordering. Recognize the logo?


Customers in their New York and New Jersey markets (check their website to see if your zip code is covered) can order Activation Energy, Cranberry Cashew Compound, Elemental Formula, and Mediterranean Mix.

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Help build our kitchen laboratory

When I started Granola Lab back in 2010, I always envisioned I'd have my own little granola factory. After five plus years of working in other companies' kitchens, the dream of a real granola laboratory is finally here! Granola Lab's new home is an airy, light-filled industrial space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a blank slate ready to be filled with equipment and stocked with supplies. 

There are many ways for a business to finance a project like the one the Lab is embarking on, including loans and crowdfunding. One solution that combines the best of both these worlds is Kiva Zip, a non-profit, "character based lending" platform that facilitates 0% interest loans to entrepreneurs like myself. Basically, you can support Granola Lab in a very direct and simple way: make a microloan! This week (June 1-5), Kiva will match all loans given by new lenders invited by current borrowers. Since we already get matching funds from the MetLife Foundation, your loan will be three times as helpful! You can lend Granola Lab as little as $5...which you will get back. I would be ever-so-grateful for your support.

KivaZip screenshot

If you would like to support me, please follow the step-by-step instructions listed below. Use the link provided as this is the only way your loan will be tracked as coming through me. THANK YOU!

(1) Click the following link: 

(2) Select the amount you would like to lend in the panel on the right-hand side

(3) Click the orange "Lend Now" button

(4) Click the white "Register" button

(5) Enter your full name, email and desired password in the appropriate boxes. Check that you have read the Kiva Terms of Use

(6) Click the orange "Register" button

(7) You should be redirected back to your checkout basket. Confirm the amount and click "Checkout"

(8) Choose to "Pay with your PayPal account" or "Pay with a debit or credit card"

(9) Fill out your payment information and click the orange "Pay" at the bottom of the page

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Get Gingersnapping: now with candied ginger!

A new day has dawned for one of Granola Lab's original flavors. We've re-formulated Get Gingersnapping, eliminating the raisins and adding in candied ginger for a spicy-sweet punch. It's wicked gingery! 


We love raisins, but recognize that they're not universally adored. We've found delicious crystallized ginger bits that should more than make up for any sense of loss felt by the pro-raisin camp. Plus, the new recipe is closer than ever to a gingersnap cookie (without all the sugar). Are you ready to give the new Get Gingersnapping a try? It's 20% off through the end of May (click on the store tab). Our retail partners will begin receiving the new formula soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 


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