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Get Gingersnapping: now with candied ginger!

A new day has dawned for one of Granola Lab's original flavors. We've re-formulated Get Gingersnapping, eliminating the raisins and adding in candied ginger for a spicy-sweet punch. It's wicked gingery! 


We love raisins, but recognize that they're not universally adored. We've found delicious crystallized ginger bits that should more than make up for any sense of loss felt by the pro-raisin camp. Plus, the new recipe is closer than ever to a gingersnap cookie (without all the sugar). Are you ready to give the new Get Gingersnapping a try? It's 20% off through the end of May (click on the store tab). Our retail partners will begin receiving the new formula soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 


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