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RECIPE: Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Granola Cookies

I didn’t know cookies were a Christmas tradition until well into my 20s. I was raised on chocolate cake and apple crisp, ignorant of office cookie-swaps and holiday parties with sky high plates of sugary stars and trees, gingerbread men and snickerdoodles. I ate cookies, of course, just didn’t realize they were a big deal!

Last year, I started tinkering with an old favorite cookie recipe from my teen years, Trail Cookies (source unknown). Back then, I’d throw in whatever random cereal was in the kitchen cabinet along with nuts, raisins and any other dried fruit that happened to be available.

Today’s version includes a generous scoop of Granola Lab’s Cranberry Cashew Compound, chocolate chips, and extra dried cranberries for that festive element. Granola Lab sold these small-but-satisfying cookies at last winter’s Smorgasburg and other events around NYC, making addicts out of our regular customers (and fellow vendors). If you’ve been jonesing for these sweet bites, bake a batch at home! [yumprint-recipe id='1']

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