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*2021 Special* Fructus Maximus

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Fructus Maximus is a fruit-filled fiesta! This limited edition granola includes a fruity triple threat (dried strawberries, cherries, and cranberries), alongside pistachios, crisp coconut chips, and crunchy quinoa. A dash of black pepper balances out the strawberries' sweetness. Saltier than our regular varieties, Fructus Maximus is an addictive, fun flavor that gets that sweet-savory balance just right.

All our products are kosher, preservative-free*, dairy-free, and GMO-free.

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, maple syrup, dried cherries (with sugar, sunflower oil), dried strawberries (with sugar, citric acid, natural color, flavor), pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, dried cranberries (with sugar, sunflower oil), organic coconut chips, organic quinoa, organic lemon extract, sea salt, black pepper.

Contains: Tree nuts. Made in a facility where wheat is present.

*Our granolas are all-natural and free of artificial preservatives, but the dried strawberries in Fructus Maximus do contain "natural color, flavor," according to the manufacturer. Since this is a limited edition, we've decided that's an acceptable exception to our standards.

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