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Granola Lab

Mason Jar Collection

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Can't make decisions? Granola Lab can commiserate AND provide a solution: try them all! Reuse these classic mason jars for storage, as drinking glasses, or to re-gift your own culinary creations. This set of six jars includes one each of Granola Lab's varieties:

Activation Energy – coffee, dark chocolate & hazelnuts
Cranberry Cashew Compound – cranberries, cashews & cloves
Elemental Formula – maple, pecans & orange
Get Gingersnapping – candied ginger, molasses & allspice
Mediterranean Mix – sesame, almond, pistachios & figs
Tropical Utopium  – pineapple, papaya & toasted coconut 

Consult our listings of individual flavors for further descriptions, including full ingredients lists.

Each jar has a net weight of 7 oz, except Activation Energy which is 6.5 oz.

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