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Brooklyn Breakfast Box

This season's special gift box celebrates our loud-and-proud home borough, BROOKLYN! The box includes a jaunty can of Brooklyn Roasting Company's Java Mocha, your choice of The Jam Stand's Blueberry Bourbon or Fig Tamarind jam, and a 14 oz bag of your favorite Granola Lab variety.

Brooklyn Roasting Company's Java Mocha is a medium roast blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans. Tasting notes include berries, dark chocolate, and honey...what's not to like! We've included BRC's coffee in our Activation Energy granola for many, many years. 

The Jam Stand founders, Sabrina and Jessica, started selling their inventive, perfectly-balanced jams around the same time as Granola Lab's founding. We've been swapping jam-for-granola for over 10 years! Their Blueberry Bourbon is a fresh, fruity classic, while Fig Tamarind pairs sweet figs with tangy tamarind. Both flavors are less sweet than typical jams, but indulgent enough to eat straight out of the jar (guilty!).

Select your granola and jam flavors from the drop-down menus. Granola Lab granolas are dairy-free, wheat-free, preservative-free, and kosher certified. Please see our other granola listings for full descriptions and ingredient information.

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