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Help build our kitchen laboratory

When I started Granola Lab back in 2010, I always envisioned I’d have my own little granola factory. After five plus years of working in other companies’ kitchens, the dream of a real granola laboratory is finally here! Granola Lab’s new home is an airy, light-filled industrial space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a blank slate ready to […]


Get Gingersnapping: now with candied ginger!

A new day has dawned for one of Granola Lab’s original flavors. We’ve re-formulated Get Gingersnapping, eliminating the raisins and adding in candied ginger for a spicy-sweet punch. It’s wicked gingery!  We love raisins, but recognize that they’re not universally adored. We’ve found delicious crystallized ginger bits that should more than make up for any sense of loss […]



Last week marked Granola Lab’s 5th anniversary, a rather significant milestone in the life of a small business. If you’d like to learn a bit more about this delightful occasion, read our newsletter from the hallowed date, March 25th. To celebrate, we’re running a BIG SALE! All items in our web store are 20% OFF through April […]