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Granola DONATION to NYC Hospitals


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Granola Lab has partnered with Founders Give, an organization delivering food and beverages directly to New York City hospitals. Your donation will allow Granola Lab to participate! For every $6 donated, we will deliver 5 single-serving granola packets to Founders Give. 

Your donation serves a double purpose: you'll be sending healthy, tasty granola to NYC hospital nurses, doctors, and staff AND helping Granola Lab's cash flow (which isn't super right now). Our single serving packets are, of course, worth more than $1.20 each at retail value. But we are "selling" them here at just a few cents over cost. Small businesses, like Granola Lab, could really use extra support during the Covid-19 crisis. We appreciate every dollar...and health care providers on the front lines will benefit from our energy-sustaining snacks.

We will update this page as we deliver granola to Founders Give, citing how many units we've donated and which hospitals have received them. Transparency is important!

If you want to give more than $6, just increase the quantity field (2 = $12 = 10 packets donated, etc.) 


UPDATES -- With your help, the following donations have been distributed:

36 packets to a primary care physicians office in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (5/1)

504 packets to the hospital staff at Mount Sinai West (5/5)

396 packets to the hospital staff at Lenox Hill (5/21)