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Vendor Spotlight: Sohha Savory Yogurt

Our friends John and Angela Fout over at Sohha Savory Yogurt have been enjoying lots of great press of late. Two weeks ago, New York Magazine bestowed upon them the title "Best Yogurt" and, this week, they were spotlighted by none other than the NY Times' Florence Fabricant. How fabulous! Sohha runs a beautiful stand in Chelsea Market, where they sell Granola Lab's Elemental Formula and Mediterranean Mix in retail bags.

Our granola is also offered as a topping for their signature savory yogurt, as well as wraps. And if you're not in a yogurt mood, their hummus and baba ghanouj are to die for. Here's a side-view of their Chelsea Market stall, with John and Angela's adorable daughter mugging for the camera!


You can order a cup of granola-topped Sohha Savory Yogurt at several farmers markets in NYC and Westchester, including Nyack and Park Slope, Brooklyn. Sohha's packaged yogurt is available in select stores around the city.

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Coffee and tea and the java and me ...

... A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! We are so ready for this weekend's Coffee & Tea Festival! Do you have your tickets? The festival is sold out, but I'm sure there's a black market for caffeine aficionados ready to slip you a ticket.


To soak up that caffeine, the Lab will be selling yogurt and granola parfaits. We'll have super high-quality Ronnybrook yogurt for the dairy-lovers and outstandingly rich Anita's Creamline Coconut Yogurt as (the world's best!) dairy-free/vegan option. Plus, special deals on our granola, Brewers Bars, and our suave pint glasses. Many cups of java will be consumed by yours truly, as well as plenty of vegan chai from our favorite Lab-friend (and former employee), Chai Mookie. We can't wait!

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Batchery pop-up market debuts Saturday

It's been a good long while since Granola Lab has participated in a market. The drought ends this Saturday! We'll be joined by over a dozen other small-batch food makers at the Batchery's first ever event. It's a pop-up market at the Bat Haus in Bushwick, right around the corner from the Jefferson L stop.


Love the color scheme! It matches our Brewers Bar labels perfectly. Speaking of, we'll have bars for sale at the market, along with all our granola varieties. So celebrate this February thaw with an excursion to the Batchery!

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The Lab launches on The Grommet

Granola Lab will be featured on The Grommet this Tuesday! The Grommet launches several new products each week, helping small companies gain national exposure. Our granola will launch on Tuesday, February 11th right here. Have any pressing granola-related questions? I'll be on hand with answers starting at noon. Just scroll down to the comment board at the bottom of our Grommet page.


Bonus: if you spend more than $50, shipping is FREE!


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The Lab is ON VACATION until January 25!!!

Everyone deserves a break, even granola-makers! Granola Lab is taking a little January hiatus. Our web store is closed until we return on January 25. Any messages received via our contact page may go unanswered until the after we return. Bon voyage to us!


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