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It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Maybe you thought we forgot? Not a chance, granola fans. Peanut Jamboree is back for a second run, demanded by its adoring public and a vociferous contingent of Granola Lab staffers. This is our PB&J flavor, a nostalgia-inducing granola bursting with peanuts, raspberry pâte de fruit (aka jellies) and salty, cinnamony goodness.

We're celebrating Peanut Jamboree's return with a sale on our 14 ounce granola bags! All our standard-size granola varieties are 20% off from 2/27 through 3/6 at Think of the opportunities for superior breakfasting. How about PB&J granola in your PB&J? Fear not the meta-sandwich! 

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Taking over the Northeast!

In late December, Granola Lab debuted in all 36 Whole Foods Market locations in their Northeast region. That's right!!! Granola Lab is leap-skipping into 2017 with this wonderful-yet-slightly-terrifying expansion. We're so pleased to offer our granola farther afield and hope you'll support us at your local Whole Foods.

The Northeast region encompasses New York, New Jersey*, and southern Connecticut. Click through for a map and complete list of Granola Lab purveyors:

You'll find Activation Energy, Cranberry Cashew Compound, Elemental Formula and Mediterranean Mix on Whole Foods' shelves. Let us know if you can't find your favorite flavor at your local WFM. 

* All New Jersey stores except Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Princeton.

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Original recipe in Women's Health Mag!

What does Granola Lab have in common with Christina Aguilera? We're both in the March 2016 edition of Women's Health Magazine! The brilliant team behind the book Made in Brooklyn hooked us up with the magazine for this cleverly constructed one-page spread. Dare I say, the Brooklyn Bridge never looked so good!

We contributed an original recipe especially for the piece. It's easy to make and loaded with our favorite (super)seeds: chia, hemp, and flax.

The beauty of making your own granola is that you can customize to your taste. Throw in some chocolate chips for a treat, or dial back on the honey to keep the sugar level down. But if you're too busy, not into baking, or just prefer your favorite Granola Lab flavor, we're here for you, always.

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Greenpointers Holiday Market hits 12/6!

Holiday markets are always fun, but we're particularly enthused for Sunday's Greenpointers Holiday Market. Why? Hungarian mulled wine! The NYC-based Hungarian wine importer, Palinkerie, will be on hand to serve up this wintry treat and I, Lab founder Alex, am half Hungarian and ready to devour the food and drink of my mother's homeland at the drop of a hat. 

Come get festive with us on Sunday, December 6 from 1-7 pm. We'll have granola gifts galore, including these cute mason jars. 

It's all happening at 67 West St on the 5th floor. Over 60 vendors!

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Peapod will bring Granola Lab to your door!

We're very excited to announce that Peapod has added Granola Lab to its offerings! If you're a Peapod customer in New York or New Jersey, you can drop our granola into your cart for home delivery. Easy! Peapod is Stop & Shop's delivery arm. They've been trucking groceries to homes in Illinois since 1989 and now serve customers all over the country. Peapod is a pioneer: it was the very first company to feature online grocery ordering. Recognize the logo?


Customers in their New York and New Jersey markets (check their website to see if your zip code is covered) can order Activation Energy, Cranberry Cashew Compound, Elemental Formula, and Mediterranean Mix.

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