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It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Maybe you thought we forgot? Not a chance, granola fans. Peanut Jamboree is back for a second run, demanded by its adoring public and a vociferous contingent of Granola Lab staffers. This is our PB&J flavor, a nostalgia-inducing granola bursting with peanuts, raspberry pâte de fruit (aka jellies) and salty, cinnamony goodness.

We're celebrating Peanut Jamboree's return with a sale on our 14 ounce granola bags! All our standard-size granola varieties are 20% off from 2/27 through 3/6 at Think of the opportunities for superior breakfasting. How about PB&J granola in your PB&J? Fear not the meta-sandwich! 

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