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Go camping with Granola Lab & Food 52!

Food 52 is one of my very favorite websites. It attracts a community of true food lovers and it's my go-to site for finding tried and true recipes. The Food 52 staff runs contests, writes über-helpful columns, moderates a cooking crisis "hotline", and sells carefully curated products. That's where Granola Lab comes in! Today, their Provisions shop debuts 10-packs of our Brewers Bars, part of their camping-themed set of goods for sale. Why didn't we think of that?!


Brewers Bars are, indeed, the perfect road trip food. They won't take up much space in your pack, but they will deliver a wallop of healthy energy. Our bars are just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and appeal to kids. Energy on the go! In the spirit of recipe-sharing, here's one of my favorite Food 52 community recipes: lemon roasted potatoes with kalamatas.

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