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Granola Lab's second Whole Foods location: Bowery!

I'm a big fan of the Whole Foods Market Bowery location. In my former life as a librarian, I ate many a salad bar lunch in their pleasant upstairs seating area, or carried it out to watch the daytime basketball players one block east on Houston. And the Beer Room! And then Yuji Ramen set up shop upstairs! I couldn't get enough of their mazemen: no broth, just succulent noodle-eggy heaven. I provide this background info so you understand just how excited I am that Granola Lab is now FOR SALE at Whole Foods Bowery. What a coup!

So next time you're taking your Whole Foods lunch break or just doing your weekly shopping, scope out the granola aisle. Then go upstairs and enjoy this warm bowl of ramen.


Whole Foods Market - Bowery 95 East Houston St. New York, NY 10002 8am - 11pm every day

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