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Welcome to the world, Cold Spring General Store

There are many picturesque towns along the Hudson River, but none so perfectly positioned as Cold Spring*. It's only 50 miles from NYC, has its own Metro-North stop, and hiking trails are just a short walk from the train. And now it has the perfect specialty grocer! Cold Spring General Store opened less than two weeks ago, shelves stocked with fresh farm produce, yummy packaged foods (like Granola Lab!), and useful items for the home.

Owners Craig and Deanna Muraszewski are new to Cold Spring, but not to the area. Nor are they new to us: as Director of Operations at Foragers City Market, Craig took a shine to Granola Lab's unusual flavors. We're so pleased he's stocked Cold Spring General's shelves with our granola as well. Learn more about Cold Spring General Store here and be sure to check out more great photos and specials on their Facebook page.


* No disrespect to beautiful Beacon! We love you, too.

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