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Whole Foods Brooklyn opens & we're IN IT (to win it)

Brooklyn's very first Whole Foods Market is finally open! We were allowed inside yesterday to take a look before today's grand opening and, boy oh boy, what a beauty she is. It's strange to describe a mere grocery store in such terms, but really, Whole Foods is so much more than your average supermarket. And you'll have to forgive us for getting a little emotional; after all, this is Granola Lab's VERY FIRST Whole Foods location!


The store, in Gowanus on the corner of Third Avenue and 3rd Street, includes a rooftop restaurant, bar, and farm with views of South Brooklyn and the lower Manhattan skyline. Four GL flavors are on the shelves: Activation Energy, Cranberry Cashew Compound, Elemental Formula, and Mediterranean Mix. We're included in a couple of their gift baskets, too.

Our first in-store demo is scheduled for Friday, 12/27 from 11 am to 3 pm, but all you locals should check out our new food mecca tout de suite!

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