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Welcome to the new!

It's been a long and winding road, but our new website is complete! We've wanted to create our own online shop for a while now, but our old site, snazzy as it was, didn't accommodate e-commerce. So, take a look around! Our new SHOP includes all your old favorites, plus two holiday gift sets.


BEER LOVERS GIFT CRATE - This set has a little something for everyone. Inside a reusable, hand-stenciled wooden crate is a pint glass with the Granola Lab logo, two Brewers Bars, and two bags of our granola. Enjoy the granola for breakfast, Brewers Bars for an afternoon snack, then lift your pint glass for an evening toast!

COFFEE LOVERS GIFT BOX - The good folks at Crop to Cup Coffee provide us with beans for our Activation Energy granola. To celebrate this collaboration, we've put together a caffeinated duo for your morning delight. Included are a pouch of Burundi Bukeye coffee beans and a bag of Activation Energy. To celebrate our virtual relaunch, we're extending a 15% discount off all orders through Monday, 12/2. Just enter the coupon code welcome15 when you check out. You can still order from our Etsy shop, but the current discount only applies here.

Many thanks to Heather Shimmin for the site build-out and to Matt Belanger of Rabbit Stew for the design and significant troubleshooting.

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