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We have a winner!

Voting in our Flavor Battle survey has closed and a clear winner chosen by you, the granola people! To recap, the Lab makes five varieties of granola, plus an occasional special flavor, Our latest limited edition, Mediterranean Mix, proved quite popular. So, we pitted it against our weakest seller, Tamarind Fusion, in an Epic Showdown. The winner is Mediterranean Mix!

mediterranean mix granola lab

With a satisfying 62% majority, this sesame, almond, apricot, and pistachio granola is the people’s choice. Tamarind Fusion brought in 29% of the vote, while 9% of you claimed to love both flavors equally. We took great pride in making the only tamarind granola in the USA, but it seems our country isn’t quite ready to include this tart, tangy fruit as part of their breakfast. Tamarind Fusion fans will have 4 more weeks to order before we take it off the market. Perhaps it will return someday…nothing is ruled out!

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